Cloud System & Database Implementation
High Performance and Reliable
Security concerning.
Distributed database and Synchronization.
Integratable with any Infrastructure environment.
Big-Data ready.
Full customized Analytics technique.
OpenStack Implementation to drive of Infrastructure as a Service

Cloud base Web & Mobile Application
Ready for IOS & Android & Browser.
UI/UX analysis & design.
Field prove application usage.
App publication for Apple AppStore and Google Play Store
Real-time application such chat/voice Interactive Dashboard
Online/Offline Application technique

High Performance / Availability / Security
Optimized solution for maintain Performance and Security
Mixed and Maximized of High Availability technic and Usability
Controllable and Tractable of System Access
Privacy and Public Policy Classification
Physical to Application Security
Authentication / Authorization / Accounting for Multi Serviced of Intranet

Network & System Integration
High End System of Performance/Throughput requirement
Multi-Vendor/Brand of device
Scalable of Infrastructure
Low-Cost of Overall System
Manageable and Monitoring for All Network Layers
Appliance Product Experience
Commercial Product & Open Source

Embedded and Internet of Things
High speed / High density / High availability and High End design.
Standard interfacing circuit.
Firmware development with special constraints.
Coverage integration for most popular bus communication such I2C, USB, SDIO etc.
Coverage any level of hardware debug & troubleshooting
Experience with High-End measurement tools such Logic Analyzer and Spectrum Analyzer.
Wired and Wireless integration

Embedded and Internet of Things
Standardize and World wide integration.
Plugable and Ready to run.
Back-End system with Cloud service to support mass device operation.
Real-Time & Data Distribution Technique for off-load and balancing the Quality of Service.
Security concerning design for specific application.
Any Communication protocol support.
Automatic Workflow with BPM interaction.